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Hi, I'm Dr. Patrick Michael Plummer

Octavius Management is my Consulting Firm

I’m a Penn State professor teaching Health Administration, Strategy, Marketing, and Analytics. I have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters and Doctorate in Business focusing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I have published 300+ articles on these topics; I love it!

Before Penn State, I launched and sold 3 different healthcare data companies to publicly-traded firms, afterward serving as a corporate officer or board member. My companies helped nearly 1,000 firms (from start-ups to Fortune 100) add value, target high-potential customers, and optimize resources. I learned how to leverage every possible angle for maximum value.

Data can provide strategic advantage, add market leverage, and increase customer value: Nearly any firm can seize these exponential growth opportunities before its competition. It’s not magic, and it’s not pie-in-the-sky. But it does take a different approach that I can help walk you through. These techniques are how Google and Amazon continue to grow, while Uber, Groupon, and others come from nowhere to disrupt mature industries.

Is exponential growth an area you want to explore? Whether you’re an emerging firm or a Fortune 100 (or anywhere in-between), let’s talk about these opportunities. I’m available to help.

Dr. Patrick Michael Plummer
Dr. Patrick Michael Plummer


My Unique Offerings

I’ve participated in a wide range of growth- and customer-targeting-related projects. Most fit under one of these 6 broad categories. But they are very broad categories. Let me know what you are trying to do, and I’ll let you know if I can help, ok? Feel free to email me directly at patrick@octavman.com.

Devil's Advocate & Advisory

What are you missing because you’re too close to something? I ask the right questions for a responsible checks-and-balance.

Customer Value Enhancement

Breathe added customer value into your products and processes. Exploit every hidden value-add opportunity, and measure the ROI.

Group Facilitator

Need meetings focused, productive, and inclusive? Whether a Board session or a Design Sprint, I broker individual voices, ensuring teams sing the same tune.

Exponential Growth Planning

Are you truly pursuing exponential growth or are you stuck seeking linear progress? Does your team really know the difference? Be sure.

Leverage your Data

Enhance targeting, model highest-value customers, and leverage new insights for growth. We’ll apply the same high ROI tricks to your business that I learned as CEO of data analytics’ firms.

I can simplify anything

Complexity kills engagement and customer satisfaction. I remove the noise. Teams stay focused on critical targets!


I work with companies of all shapes and sizes

Innovation isn’t exclusive to startups! I’ve worked with 1,000+ firms, including emerging tech firms, Fortune 100 firms, and everything in-between. Each brings a different perspective. As long as they’re innovative, I’ll enjoy and add value to the process. Here’s a sampling of my recent engagements:

Engage Practice Solutions

Innovative data firm that delivers common sense solutions to optimize an IDN’s Revenue, Quality, Productivity, and Cost-Effectiveness in the Clinic/Physician Office setting.

Rutgers Executive Education

A unique offering for senior executives to receive Mini-MBAs in Strategic Leadership, Data-Driven Management, and Innovation for Corporate Enterprises.

Bowen Medical

By far, Bowen offers the most simple solution to blood pressure cuff contamination @ 20% the competitive cost. Pretty awesome innovation!

de Ramón Institute

Everyone talks about customer service, but the personal touch between surgeon and patients here is really something special!


Don't take my word only

Dr. Nora Sugintas

Strategic Healthcare
His understanding of the changing dynamics of the industry is second to none…the best-in-class (data) tools have resulted in positive revenue growth for medical capital equipment, medical device, and pharma companies.

Kieran Conway

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
Patrick is a natural born entrepreneur with tremendous business savvy, instincts, and the uncanny ability to create and develop solutions the market needs. I would recommend Patrick for any work that involves teaching, running new product ventures, or leading a startup business.

Ian Letichevsky

Few (senior executives) have the insight to understand short term objectives in concert with long-term goals (like) Patrick does! His understanding of the business, technology solutions, and people are top notch.

Victoria Hibbits

McKesson Corporation
I have known Patrick for over 10 years and I have watched his success and impact within the health care industry. The companies he created and the software solutions he provided were first in the industry. Patrick is someone I respect and enjoy working with. He is a solid resource to any company.


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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA (Eastern Time Zone)